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6 Pack Hot Wheels Japanese Car Culture Box Set

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Celebrate Japanese Car Culture with a specially curated multipack of six Hot Wheels vehicles. Each car is 1:64 scale and boasts authentic decorations. The variety pack contains modern and vintage castings of Japanese automobiles featuring the craftsmanship and quality that's part of the Hot Wheels tradition. Surprise your favourite car enthusiast with these cool replicas that make a great gift for the ultimate collector or a newcomer to the Hot Wheels universe.

6 Pack Hot Wheels Japanese Car Culture Box Set


1 x Custom Datsun 240Z car,
1 x 2018 Honda Civis Type R car
1 x '70 Toyota Celica car
1 x Mazda RX-7 car
1 x Subaru WRX STi car and
1 x '82 Nissan Skyline [R30] car